Solar Photovoltaic Systems

Value Addition Energy Technologies is one of the best solar installation services in Ernakulam that offers On-Grid, Off-Grid, and Hybrid Solar Photovoltaic Systems suited for commercial and residential customers.

This is the most economical PV system owing to the fact that there is no storage of energy. The energy generated during daytime is consumed simultaneously or exported to public grid, which would be credited to the customer’s account. However; the key requirement for an On-Grid inverter to function uninterrupted is availability of an active grid at all times, which makes it an ideal solution for developed countries having a stable grid without any power cuts / outages.
This is the very basic type of PV system and ideal for locations not connected to power grid or places with frequent power cuts. In these systems, the energy generated during daytime is stored in a battery bank for simultaneous consumption or use at night. The disadvantage of this system is its high cost, which is almost double that of On-Grid type. Another demerit is the recurring cost of replacing the batteries every 5 – 7 years during the 25-year lifetime of PV panels and inverters
As the name suggests, this is combination of an On -Grid & Off-Grid PV system. The advantage is that even during power cuts, the system continue supplying power to the facility, which makes it an ideal system for places with fewer power cuts. In the event of lower energy demand than generation, the system can export excess energy to the public power grid that is credited in customer’s favour. A solar on-grid PV system working in parallel with a diesel generator is called a PV – Diesel hybrid system. This type of system is most suited for remote townships or factories not connected to the public grid wherein the generator act as the permanent grid and the solar PV contributes during the day giving substantial savings in fuel.